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Architectures innovantes by VISEO

The possibilities of cloud architecture transforms the way of developing software. Innovative architectures, including Data/IoT & AI, are now processing information faster, and IoT Edge architecture combined with artificial intelligence are taking cloud logic straight to devices. These architectures are a source of innovation and value for companies that are increasingly considering disruptive technologies

VISEO brings you the expertise of "design by Cloud" with know-how in functional programming, micro-services architectures, DevOps CI/CD, IoT Edge, etc. We bring innovation to the heart of your business organization by raising barriers at the technical level while ensuring a cross-functional approach. 

Our teams address various projects, from cloud platform redesign projects to support startups. We offer a comprehensive support package for your IoT projects, bringing together "business know-how", skills related to software, cloud and hardware. Our end-to-end offer is based on collaboration with an ecosystem of hardware partners, software or standardization organizations in industrial IoT, such as the OPC foundation. The application of rigorous and proven procedures for IoT and our expertise in terms of project costing allow us to guarantee the budget, the delivery or even the quality to avoid failures of these innovation projects. 


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