EAUG 2015 - Speaker et Présentation : Rodrigo Nascimento

 Speaker : Rodrigo Nascimento
Rodrigo is an Enterprise and Solution architect with over 20 years of professional experience in IT. His passion for technology started when he was only 7 years old by learning how to code with BASIC language on his ZX Spectrum. He then realised that only learning how to use the technology was not enough. It must have its purpose to exist in our lives, otherwise it will be just an interesting subject to talk about. Based on this belief, he decided to balance technical and business learning to pursue best utilisation of technologies.
It has been a long journey so far, mixing technical trainings and certifications, academic business studies (Bachelor's degree in Marketing and Master in Business Administration) and projects that cross different technologies and industries. 

Présentation de l'atelier : Information Modelling to Canonical Messaging made easy - 16H00
One of the common challenges for system integration projects is the definition of messages that are going to be exchanged and their alignment with the enterprise view of information. This session presents an approach to support this alignment by deriving system integration services' XML schemas from an Enterprise Information Model, following OMG's Model Drive Architecture (MDA) approach and respective functionalities in Sparx Enterprise Architect. 
The focus of the discussion is around Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach, but the ideas could be easily replicated to other approaches (i.e. the same approach could be used for APIs). The session starts with an introduction of the suggested derivation process and concepts around it, moving to a more practical perspective through a live demonstration using Sparx EA. The live demonstration covers two main Sparx EA functionalities:
* Model Transformation and Transformation Templates - used to transform the Platform Independent Model (PIM) to a XSD UML model (Platform Specific Model - PSM)
* Schema Composer - used to create Schema Profiles, representing the subset of information that will be included in the respective physical XSD file.