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Unify processes

DOCAPOST, a La Poste group subsidiary, specializes in document digitalization for electronic archiving or broadcasting.

As part of the group’s transformation, a convergence program for of the production management information system was launched. The goal was to unify processes and implement a unique system in the 12 production sites for the publishing, dematerialization and direct marketing professions.

VISEO accompanies DOCAPOST to manage the program.

The Identification of the challenges and the call up of the sponsors enabled DOCAPOST to reach its goals and to deploy three sites by March 31st 2015.

VISEO also initialized the deployment and maintenance in operational conditions. This phase will enable DOCAPOST to keep on deploying while securing its production in order to meet strong commitments for key accounts. 

DOCAPOST testifies for VISEO
Stéphane DEGUNST, IT Director for DOCAPOST, testifies for VISEO.