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Conversational Business: shopping coming soon via Google Assistant

Sephora, one of the first brands to embark on this stage, is assisted by VISEO
March 20, 2018

On Monday, March 19, 2018, Google announced the launch of its payment test phase via Google Assistant in France with the Fnac/Darty, Oui SNCF and Sephora brands, which we have supported in this project. LSA magazine talks about it.

Thibault Celier, VISEO Innovation Director, speaks about his implication in the creation of Sephora 's care reservation system via Google Assistant.

Sephora, launches its care reservation system via Google Assistant, supported by VISEO

"The Google action that Sephora tests allows you to book an oral appointment for an eyebrow waxing or nail polish application in store. An option already offered by the Google Assistant application that the distributor launched on a large scale in France in August 2017. "But until now, the customer had to confirm the appointment via a message sent to his smartphone by email or SMS. Now, once the customer has given his phone number and e-mail address to the assistant, the appointment setting is 100% voice," says Thibault Celier, director of innovation at the VISEO consulting agency, with which Sephora developed its application. Payment is made in store."