The Viseo Group announces the Creation of its First Department of Innovation

The company appoints Frederique Segond as the Director of the new research and development center located in Grenoble

December 01st 2011

The VISEO Group, lead actor and multi-specialist in information systems, announces today the creation of its first center for research and development (located in Grenoble). The company entrusts the direction of the department of innovation and the management of issues concerning research to researcher Frédérique Segond.
Innovation, a key factor for development

Preparing for the future while reinforcing current activities: With the creation of its first center for research and development, the VISEO Group enlarges its offer and actives while relying on innovation. “The creation of our department of innovation will allow us to accelerate the rhythm of development of our activity of innovative and sector-based software editing. It also aims to explore new markets and to anticipate the needs of our clients while benefitting from the technical and business expertise acquired by our teams.” said Eric Perrier – General Director of the group.
Innovation, through collaboration

The department of innovation of the VISEO Group will work with external partners via collaborative projects on an International, European, National or Regional level, but will equally respond to the internal needs expressed by different units within the group. The department for Research and Development will have the following principal missions:

  • Explore the possibilities of innovation for the group via the definition and the participation of collaborative projects
  • Foresee and support the adoption of innovation within the market while considering the participation of final users in an early stage of the creative process of technological development (directly to clients or partners)
  • Create partners with several public and private institutions through ground-breaking projects
  • Participate in the definition of the orientation of research in collaboration with organizations of international, European and national research while considering tendencies and emerging questions
  • Assure international visibility for the group as an innovative actor




The VISEO Group has chosen Grenoble as the center for its new department of innovation. It appointed at the beginning of November Frédérique Segond to assure the center’s direction and development. The researcher and scientist will be in charge of the supervision of research and development of projects of research.



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