VISEO PN Training in Cebu
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VISEO Asia - Passerelles Numeriques Agile Training in Cebu

What happened during the event
July 25, 2017

Last month, VISEO Asia visited Passerelles Numeriques in Cebu to conduct an Agile training followed by a Hackathon.

Passerelles Numeriques trains underprivileged youths to achieve IT diplomas and helps students find their first job at a salary above the national average.
Thanks to Alain, an experienced Product Owner, 48 students received a hands-on introduction to Agile principles over 3 days. During the training, students formed teams of 8 to create a website. They went through the Scrum Agile events, produced different scrum artefacts and experienced self-organization.

"This was a very rewarding experience. I am really impressed with the students' attitude. They were enthusiastic and curious, but also very mature." - Alain, Product Owner VISEO

Here are some images from the training:

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